Aileu Vila, Timor Oriental, Santé


Aileu Vila, Timor Oriental, Santé

La Mission

Context of the project : Uma Ita Nian Clinic, Timor Oriental.

Éducation auprès des enfants, dans un foyer tenu par des sœurs à Hera, au Timor Oriental.

The District of Aileu, where the Maryknoll Sisters and Uma Ita Nian Clinic are based, has the smallest population of all the Districts of East Timor, and is one of the least developed. It’s one of the two land-locked Districts, located between 500-1.500 meters above sea level, one hour south of the capital, Díli. More than 70% of the people (c. 70.000 people) are subsistence farmers and coffee growers. Aileu Vila is the sub-district in which the Clinic, Parish and Maryknoll Sisters’ presence has been based since 1991.  


Volunteer's mission :

  • Provide ongoing training in nutrition to 2-3 staff

  • Raise awareness of health issues to patients at the clinic, in schools and in villages (Mobile Clinic)

  • Provide consultations and diagnose illnesses

  • Prescribe medications to patients at the clinic and in villages

  • Provide consultations in the homes of patients with physical or mental disabilities

  • Co-operate the Nutrition Program once a week

  • Give lessons to High School students in the Intro to Public Health Course

  • (optional) Accompany the Dominican Youth Group on weekends with the Sisters

Educational and training level/ Diploma

4-year University graduate or post-graduate

Work experience

Experience in nursing, health awareness-raising and cross-cultural mission

Expected skills

Basic nursing, health education and cross-cultural communication skills




Formation requise :

- Bonne maîtrise de l'anglais et/ou du portugais. Sur place, la volontaire pourra apprendre la langue locale (le tetun).



The Sisters’ convent/house is next door to the Clinic where our Dom&Go volunteer will be working. The Clinic has an apartment used for visiting doctors, nurses and auditors, which they will offer to our volunteer. The volunteer will also have a bedroom at the Sisters’ house, so that she can stay the night in either place. The volunteer will have a key to the Sisters’ house and will be welcome for all meals, prayers and community gatherings. She will also have the opportunity to have more privacy and independence by having her own space at the clinic next door.

Mission : from 6 months to 1 year.

Les anciens volontaires racontent leur mission